The Thirteenth Step: Ancient Solutions to the Contemporary Problems of Alcoholism and Addiction using the Timeless Wisdom of The Native American Church Ceremony

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Understanding Drugs and Drug Addiction: Treatment to Recovery and Real Accounts of Ex-Addicts Volume VII – Alcoholism Edition (Volume 7)

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Alcohol Consumption In Ancient Times


The use of alcohol and alcoholism are not just modern scourges to society. These issues have been around since ancient times. Ancient records bemoan the use of alcohol and tell lavish stories of inebriated rulers and festivals in honor of alcohol deities. From the Sumerians to the Romans alcohol has been a beverage of choice. Perhaps that is why today there are alcohol detox centers to aid those who suffer from an alcohol addiction.

Ancient Records

Ancient artworks depict copious amounts of alcohol and alcohol jugs next to rulers and deities alike. Neolithic discoveries unearthed jugs that contained fermented beverages made from berries or honey. This is evidence that alcohol consumption is not a contemporary phenomenon. The worship of wine infused deities such as Osiris and Dionysius was also rampant throughout the ancient world.

Views On Consumption

Alcohol has widely been used in secular and religious functions throughout history. Even with such popular consumption the topic of moderation was addressed. In ancient Egypt the importance of moderation was known, a sentiment that society tries to instill today. In ancient Egypt they didn’t feel that there was anything necessarily wrong with intoxication, but did warn against taverns and disproportionate drinking. These views although steadfast in Egypt perhaps, shifted considerably in the Greek and Roman venues. At the end of the day, the only way to beat alcohol addiction is with alcohol addiction detox.

Religious Practices

From Neolithic practices to practices today wine and alcohol are featured in religious rites. The wine gods and goddesses of the ancient times were widely celebrated in festivals such as Bacchanalia. These practices can still be found today. Modern pagan practices celebrate rituals with the eating of bread and drinking of ale. Some sects of Christianity offer wine at their rites as well.


Early thoughts surrounding alcohol discussed the idea of moderation and temperance. However, slowly these ideals shifted. Greeks, Romans, and Macedonians widely practiced intemperance. Alexander the Great of Macedon was widely known for his alcohol consumption. His mother was a devout follower of Dionysius, the god of wine. Ideals shifted celebrating the use of wine and alcohol as a blessing from the gods.

Drinking Games

If people truly believe that modern day college students should be accredited with the invention of drinking games, then they are sadly mistaken. The ancient Romans had their own versions of beer pong and drinking games. A common game involved consuming as many cups of alcohol as possible depending on the role of a die.

Shifting Views

In ancient times from the Sumerians to the Romans the ideas surrounding alcohol and moderation kept shifting. Some time periods stressed the importance of temperance and moderation while others praised the excessive use of alcohol. Prominent men were either honored for their self control or admired for the drunken decision making. Even as Christianity slowly took over the shift of wine deity worship was slow to take shape which lead to the blessing for wine and alcohol for religious purposes.

Within ancient records there is no mention of addiction. Some use this as evidence that addiction is a modern scourge. We as a society are now more aware of the issues that surround the excessive use of any substance and subsequently set up institutions like alcohol addiction detox centers and rehabs to combat these issues.

Getting Help To Overcome Alcohol Substance Abuse


Alcoholism can be a struggle to survive as it takes control of your life, your finances and your interactions with others. You may need to seek treatment if you are unable to control your drinking on your own. Recovery usually begins with intensive treatment and therapy. It continues with an ongoing vigilance in adhering to what was learned in alcohol substance abuse counseling.

Withdrawal Dangers

Physical withdrawal is a dangerous threat for heavy drinkers. You may want to consider a rehabilitation setting that helps you get off alcohol under medically controlled conditions to reduce the risk of violent reactions. You may be prescribed medication that helps you during this period as your body adjusts to not having alcohol in its system.

Drinking Influences

After the symptoms of withdrawal have been resolved, you can begin to look at the issues that are fueling excessive drinking habits in your life. This phase of treatment typically includes a review of things that could be triggering your addiction and cravings for alcohol and to see what patterns come to light. It can be easier for you to detect and isolate these issues once the drinking is eliminated, as you begin your journey of rehabilitation.

Types Of Treatment

Your level of drinking will determine whether in-patient treatment or out-patient treatment is appropriate for you. In-patient care can be more focused and intensive in a facility and can include additional medical care. Out-patient treatment may be best if you can still function independently at home but wish to participate in therapy at a treatment facility. Both ways begin to build a routine that will help curtail drinking.

Group Discussions

You may participate in group therapy as part of your rehabilitation process. The focus groups may consist of alcoholics, or there may be a blend of people with various addictions seeking help, just like you. You may find similarities in other people’s stories as you go along. Listening to other people’s stories of addiction and recovery can help you discover more about your own issues with addiction.

Specialized Care

There may be specialized therapy available to you as you go through rehab. In these cases, you can meet with a trained specialist alone or with your other family members. These counseling sessions can provide opportunities for more self-exploration over the reasons behind an addiction, and may help begin the healing process between you and the family members affected by your drinking.

Making Changes

Through your efforts in therapy and discussing your problems with other alcoholics or those with addiction issues, you may find new strategies for coping or dealing with things that need to change in your life. You may find that keeping a journal, for example, can illuminate certain elements in your life that trigger periods of heavy drinking. Find a inpatient rehabilitation.

You can begin your path to recovery as soon as you seek outside assistance in treatment for your alcohol substance abuse. Whether you choose inpatient rehabilitation center or outpatient rehabilitation, taking this first step towards recovery is a very important one.

Reasons For Alcohol Drink Among Kids

It has been calculated that around among 11 million youngsters in America are dependent on alcohol and especially those who are under their twenty-one. They drink alcohol in scheduled basis and almost half of the Americans drink to excess that leads to a few issues.

According to a guess, boys start to try consuming alcohol when they reach 11 years and young woman start in their 13’s. By the end of their 16’s, they're completely into this practice of drinking.

Booze problems is one of the major issues which are known as alcohol use disorders and they're diagnosed by experts and doctors on the basis of presence of certain symptoms. These signs become visible approximately one or two years after the person has become an alcoholic. Certain pros also confirm that the earlier a person starts to drink alcohol, the more seriously he gets hooked on it, as compared to the person who has started drinking alcohol at a later age.

There are however , certain reasons which result in a teenager to start this habit. Some of them are as follows:

Here is reasons answerable for booze problems among adolescents

  1. It so occurs that if a certain member of family starts drinking, others get affected too. This way this habit passes from generation to generation and therefore a vicious and deleterious cycle is generated.
  2. We might ensure that a teen is an alcohol addict if his consumption of wine is fifteen or even more than 15 drinks per week. Real alcoholism develops this way.
  3. A ladies is sure to be an addict if her drinking requirement surpass 12 drinks a week.
  4. Those kids whose 1 or both folks are in a confirmed habit of drinking are more into developing this addiction than those whose elders do not drink.
  5. Teens who are depressed and usually stay under stress get support from alcohol. Thus sometimes psychological disturbances can also lead directly to increased drinking habit among teens.
  6. Those teenagers who have easy access to alcohol ie, thru their family or chums are likely to get in to this habit in comparison to others.
  7. Those kids who have a comparatively low self-confidence as compared to others can get into drinking.
  8. Youths also usually end up drinking because they have issues with their relationship that will lead to stress and problems.
  9. Those teens who live in a land where there's a culture to drink are likely to develop this habit.

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Exactly Why Your Overall Health Is Dependent Upon You Dealing With Your Alcohol Addiction Issue Right Away

Alcohol is something which affects many people’s lives, and some folks that are addicted to alcohol do not want to admit it. One thing which you might find staggering is the fact that 22,000,000 folks suffer from alcohol addictions. A primary reason folks don’t want to admit that they’ve an issue with alcohol is because they’re too embarrassed, or they’re afraid of going to AA meetings. And for those people you might find that the How To Give Up Alcohol Program is something which will have the ability to help you quit. And when you are one of the folks who would like to quit alcohol but want to do it on your own this might be one of your best options. Also, check out Pet Medications.


More about alcohol addictions explained


A lot of you already realize some of the major health issues that can be brought on by alcoholism. The over the top drinking of alcohol can lead to liver harm and can also end up killing off brain cells. Needless to say alcohol does not only impact your health as it can additionally affect every aspect in your entire life. Yet another thing that winds up happening to many individuals who have an alcohol problem is that they will, in time, end up losing their jobs. 


You will also find that the person who produced this program also had his own battle with alcohol and his name was Rahul Nag. Rahul also tells you on is home page of his internet site that he did not want to begin going to AA, as being labeled an alcoholic was something he was not willing to do. At this time Rahul started researching just how he could beat his addiction. After some time he finally found different approaches and techniques from a number of different people that would help him beat his addiction.


This system that he developed not only helps men and women quit drinking but also helps to remove any urges you may possibly have to consume alcohol. Another thing that loads of people like relating to this program is that there’s no need to go to AA meetings or join a 12 step program. Something else that folks like concerning this program is that it can be carried out in the privacy of your own home without anyone knowing about it. It was simply because he realized how powerful this program was, that he decided to market it and make it available to every person. He gathered all the information he learned and placed it into the How To Give Up Alcohol program.


Something else you might like about this program is the affordability of it, as it can be purchased for $127, and you are going to also have instant access to the information and knowledge. Which means you can begin using this program as soon as you invest in it, without needing to wait to have this shipped to you. You are also going to realize that Rahul has such faith in this system that he has included a 60 day, no questions asked, cash back guarantee. Which means you have a complete 60 days to try this program of course, if it doesn’t help you with your addiction, you can request a complete refund. I sometimes like to look into How to Play Golf information.