Seminar spoke about importance of well written rehabilitation report

Jacqueline Webb and Company’s lunchtime talk, with speaker Elizabeth Waterman, introduced an different way of working outside the statutory sector. For those of us working in the medico-legal field, Ms Waterman gave some extremely helpful information on improving report writing techniques which are fundamental to this area of work.

By using therapists to assess individuals that have been injured through no fault of their own the company provides a facility to solicitors and insurers to help the claimant to have the compensation that they need not cursory compensation. By taking into account the expected care needs of the individual the company is able to provide a whole assessment of an individual from the view point of the care involved past and future, including care needs, transport, equipment, and housing needs.

The seminar set out the position of a consultant and talked through very clearly what was needed of them in the varying stages of the process from assessment of the claimant to attendance at court as an expert witness.

The people attending the talk were asked to look at their Rehabilitation cost consultant report writing skills and look into opportunities to hone and run through them to develop a good written style making the long detailed reports not only factually correct but interesting to read as well. The main points flagged up by the talk were logical presentation, use of language, structuring of the report and professional approach.

If you would like to download the A-Z of report writing that was written expressly for the talk you can download it from Jacqueline Webb and Co’s website along with other fascinating facts about the consultancy role