Getting Help To Overcome Alcohol Substance Abuse


Alcoholism can be a struggle to survive as it takes control of your life, your finances and your interactions with others. You may need to seek treatment if you are unable to control your drinking on your own. Recovery usually begins with intensive treatment and therapy. It continues with an ongoing vigilance in adhering to what was learned in alcohol substance abuse counseling.

Withdrawal Dangers

Physical withdrawal is a dangerous threat for heavy drinkers. You may want to consider a rehabilitation setting that helps you get off alcohol under medically controlled conditions to reduce the risk of violent reactions. You may be prescribed medication that helps you during this period as your body adjusts to not having alcohol in its system.

Drinking Influences

After the symptoms of withdrawal have been resolved, you can begin to look at the issues that are fueling excessive drinking habits in your life. This phase of treatment typically includes a review of things that could be triggering your addiction and cravings for alcohol and to see what patterns come to light. It can be easier for you to detect and isolate these issues once the drinking is eliminated, as you begin your journey of rehabilitation.

Types Of Treatment

Your level of drinking will determine whether in-patient treatment or out-patient treatment is appropriate for you. In-patient care can be more focused and intensive in a facility and can include additional medical care. Out-patient treatment may be best if you can still function independently at home but wish to participate in therapy at a treatment facility. Both ways begin to build a routine that will help curtail drinking.

Group Discussions

You may participate in group therapy as part of your rehabilitation process. The focus groups may consist of alcoholics, or there may be a blend of people with various addictions seeking help, just like you. You may find similarities in other people’s stories as you go along. Listening to other people’s stories of addiction and recovery can help you discover more about your own issues with addiction.

Specialized Care

There may be specialized therapy available to you as you go through rehab. In these cases, you can meet with a trained specialist alone or with your other family members. These counseling sessions can provide opportunities for more self-exploration over the reasons behind an addiction, and may help begin the healing process between you and the family members affected by your drinking.

Making Changes

Through your efforts in therapy and discussing your problems with other alcoholics or those with addiction issues, you may find new strategies for coping or dealing with things that need to change in your life. You may find that keeping a journal, for example, can illuminate certain elements in your life that trigger periods of heavy drinking. Find a inpatient rehabilitation.

You can begin your path to recovery as soon as you seek outside assistance in treatment for your alcohol substance abuse. Whether you choose inpatient rehabilitation center or outpatient rehabilitation, taking this first step towards recovery is a very important one.

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