Reasons For Alcohol Drink Among Kids

It has been calculated that around among 11 million youngsters in America are dependent on alcohol and especially those who are under their twenty-one. They drink alcohol in scheduled basis and almost half of the Americans drink to excess that leads to a few issues.

According to a guess, boys start to try consuming alcohol when they reach 11 years and young woman start in their 13’s. By the end of their 16’s, they're completely into this practice of drinking.

Booze problems is one of the major issues which are known as alcohol use disorders and they're diagnosed by experts and doctors on the basis of presence of certain symptoms. These signs become visible approximately one or two years after the person has become an alcoholic. Certain pros also confirm that the earlier a person starts to drink alcohol, the more seriously he gets hooked on it, as compared to the person who has started drinking alcohol at a later age.

There are however , certain reasons which result in a teenager to start this habit. Some of them are as follows:

Here is reasons answerable for booze problems among adolescents

  1. It so occurs that if a certain member of family starts drinking, others get affected too. This way this habit passes from generation to generation and therefore a vicious and deleterious cycle is generated.
  2. We might ensure that a teen is an alcohol addict if his consumption of wine is fifteen or even more than 15 drinks per week. Real alcoholism develops this way.
  3. A ladies is sure to be an addict if her drinking requirement surpass 12 drinks a week.
  4. Those kids whose 1 or both folks are in a confirmed habit of drinking are more into developing this addiction than those whose elders do not drink.
  5. Teens who are depressed and usually stay under stress get support from alcohol. Thus sometimes psychological disturbances can also lead directly to increased drinking habit among teens.
  6. Those teenagers who have easy access to alcohol ie, thru their family or chums are likely to get in to this habit in comparison to others.
  7. Those kids who have a comparatively low self-confidence as compared to others can get into drinking.
  8. Youths also usually end up drinking because they have issues with their relationship that will lead to stress and problems.
  9. Those teens who live in a land where there's a culture to drink are likely to develop this habit.

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