Drug and alcohol addiction have become an epidemic in our country. Substance dependency doesn’t discriminate – people of all ages and from all backgrounds struggle with it. Perhaps the most important part of finding a solution to this problem is to educate people about the complexities of addiction, which is why I appreciate that you’ve shared so much insight on your website about it, like you’ve done on this page: https://www.alcoholrehabsandiego.com/category/outpatient-alcohol-rehab/​

In case you’re making updates to that page, I hope it’s OK that I suggest a few additions – I think these are as thoughtful as they are informative:

Why We Should Treat, Not Blame Addicts Struggling to Get ‘Clean’

Teenage Troubles: Addressing the Unique Treatment Needs of Adolescents

13 Valuable Alternative Treatments for Addiction

Beyond Opioids: Other Options for Treating Chronic Pain

Why the Gay and Transgender Population Experiences Higher Rates of Substance Abuse



Molly Anderson


Canoeist hallucinating on Saco River charged with possession of meth, cocaine

… Fryeburg Police Chief Joshua Potvin. Police seized more than four grams of crystal methamphetamine, half a gram of cocaine and $200. Fenton was taken to Bridgton Hospital for treatment and is scheduled to appear in Bridgton District Court on Oct. 13.

The ice crisis is forcing Australian parents to send their kids to Thailand to …

Between 2012-13 and 2013-14, the number of people seeking help from alcohol and drug treatment services rose from 110,427 to 118,741, an 8 per cent increase. The proportion of episodes for treating amphetamine addiction, which includes ice, more than …

Water supply test: New squads to target methamphetamine users – The West …

Police Minister Liza Harvey hopes to hold up a mirror to society by authorising the analysis of three metropolitan wastewater treatment plants for metabolites — the by-product the body generates when meta-bolising the drug. Meth City – FULL COVERAGE.

Senator Jacqui Lambie talks about her son's ice addiction, urges government to …

Instead, she believed that a national legislation allowing parents to force their drug-addicted children into rehab should be articulated. Seeing the impacts of ice on her son, she said it was highly “phenomenal,” warning addicts would end up one of

WA Government ridiculed over plan to measure Perth's ice use by testing sewage

LUCY MARTIN: A caller to ABC 720's Mornings program named Carol, says her son has been struggling with a meth addiction for five years. She wants the State Government to spend more money on treatment. CAROL: I helped him contact five different drug …

Meth detox services must be bolstered to help users quit drug, WA Government says

About 3.8 per cent of the state's population aged over 14 admit to using the drug. The national average is 2.1 per cent. A woman who said she was the mother of a meth addict, Carol, told 720 ABC Perth more treatment options were needed. "I helped [my